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Interview with Alexander Morozevich

conducted by Svetlana Regentova-Fedoseeva. (‘64-Chess Review’, No. 2, 2000).

English translation 2000 by Alexander Baburin.

Why did you refuse to play in Linares?

It was not I who refused, but the organisers.


Let’s say that we did not come to an agreement. They were not happy with my conditions, while I was not satisfied with their offer. I do not think that I must give in just because this is a strong tournament. They should have respect my position too.

Do you dream to become a world champion?

The question is not whether I dream of it or not. Nowadays it is very difficult to think of something like this because there is no definite World Championship cycle. If a young player (I am not talking about myself) will make such an aim, it will be very hard to reach it. At present I want to achieve concrete things — become a regular in the super-tournaments and show good play there. If in two years there will be a reasonable system of World Championship, then I would say, yes, I want to become a champion.

Would you have accepted a match challenge from Kasparov?

Of course, if there were grounds for such a match then. But this is hypothetical thought.

How would you describe you chess style?

Honestly, I don’t know. It always turns out crazy: something is always hanging and my king is constantly open... But it seems that I can play different chess yet.

How do you rest?

I am not a machine. I like to read and also to listen to music. After the round I take a lot of sleep. I don’t have any exotic hobbies, which would distinguish me from other chess players. Some relax with alcohol, but I don’t.