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Psakhis-Lputian 1979


Psakhis, L. (2480) - Lputian, S. (2300) [D58]
USSR FL Frunze 1979 
[Psakhis and Baburin]

1. c4 e6 2. Nf3 d5 3. d4 Nf6 4. Nc3 Be7 5. cxd5 exd5 6. Bg5 h6 7. Bh4 O-O 8. e3 b6 9. Bd3 Bb7 10. Qc2 c5 11. Rd1 Nc6
   Lputian applies pressure on White's centre, using the fact that White has not castled yet.
12. dxc5 Nb4   This is forced as 12...bxc5? 13 Bxf6 Nb4 (or 13...Bxf6? 14 Nxd5!) 14 Bh7+ Kh8 15 Bxg7+ Kxg7 16 Qb1 d4 17 Be4 Bxe4 18 Qxe4 is hopeless for Black.
13. Qb1 bxc5   Black is pushing too hard; better was 13...Nxd3+ with equality.
14. Be2 d4?!   Better was 14...Qa5 15 a3 Na6.
15. exd4    White had to enter complications as 15 0-0 Nfd5! would be good for Black.
Nfd5 16. Bg3!   Here the bishop keeps an eye on the f4-square.
cxd4 17. Nxd4 Rc8    Bad is 17...Nxc3 18 bxc3 Bxg2 in view of 19 Rg1 Nd5 20 Nf5!, winning.
18. Nf5!   White wants to castle (who does not?!), but 18 0-0 would have allowed 18... Rxc3!.
g6   18...Qe8 is bad because of 19 0-0 Rxc3 20 bxc3 Nxc3 21 Qb2, winning. Perhaps, better was 18...Bf6.
19. Nxh6+ Kg7    Or 19...Kh7 20 Nf5!.
20. Ng4 f5 21. Be5+ Kh7 22. h4!   Unusual positions require creative solutions, so here White employs the h1-rook where it is - on the h-file. Now after 22...fxg4 23 h5 Bf6 24 hxg6+ Kg7 25 Rh7+ Kg8 26 g7! White's h-pawn would have made a great career!
Qb6 23. h5 g5 24. O-O Nxc3 25. bxc3 Be4 26. Qxb4!!   This is the most radical solution!
Bxb4 27. Rd7+ Rf7    Or 27...Kg8 28 Rg7+ Kh8 29 Rxg5+ Kh7 30 Rg7+ Kh8 31 Rxa7+ Kg8 32 Rg7+ Kh8 33 Rb7+, winning.
28. Rxf7+ Kg8 29. Rg7+ Kf8 30. Nf6! Qe6 31. Nd7+ Ke8 32. cxb4   What started as a solid Queen's Gambit Declined, soon resulted in a bloody flight all over the board! (A. Baburin).

All text Copyright Alexander Baburin unless otherwise noted