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What his fellow GMs say about Lev Psakhis...

GM Yasser Seirawan (13th October 2000)

"Lev has excellent health and a good appetite. I consider him a good friend and do not wish to reveal all his strengths to the world at large."

Boris Gelfand (4th October 2000):

"Lev is my neighbour, he lives in the same city in a walking distance. He is universal player of high chess culture an class. And when he has enough energy he can beat everybody. I never (I hope yet!) managed to beat him in normal time-control game. I would also like to mention his deep knowledge of world’s literature, music and cinematography."

GM Dmitry Komarov (4th October 2000)

"Lev is a very knowledgeable (and not just in chess!) player. His outstanding results in early 80s made him one of the best chess players in the world and the old Soviet System had to do a lot of work to put a hold on his career. But even 20 years after Lev is dangerous for anyone!"

GM Adrian Mikhalchishin: (23rd October 2000)

Lev is my old friend and the most talented player of our generation. But he had problems with physical preparation, so he did not achieve his true potential.

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