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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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Lot 26. Combat: my 50 years...

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Seller: Baburin
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Number of Bids: 4

Current Price: 17.60

Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time

Current Time: Tue Feb 19 10:32:13 2019

Time Left: auction closed

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Description: Lot 26. Combat: my 50 years at the chessboard, by Sidney Bernstein, 2nd edition, 118 pages. A small edition games collection with an interesting history in that the first edition (the same except for being hardback) fell victim to some family squabble in which most of the first edition was lost. Bernstein got a draw against Fischer in 1959 and a win and a draw with Reshevsky, two wins against Frank Marshall, etc. 142 games with light notes. Paperback. Back cover slightly faded, fine.

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Bid History
OffermanSat May 22 17:21:14 2010 17.60
RDRahnSat May 22 17:07:33 2010 16.00
floemSat May 22 15:14:34 2010 13.20
-(RDRahn placed a bid at 13.20 euro) -
floemSat May 22 14:50:11 2010 12.00

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