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Terms and Conditions of the Auction

All bids are in euro. All bids are final and binding on the bidder. Successful bidders will receive an invoice for the lots they obtained, which would also give them different options concerning delivery. The property in a lot shall not pass to the Buyer until the purchase price has been paid in full. Bidders are fully entitled to return items within 7 days.

International Chess Auctions retains the right at its absolute discretion to refuse any bid, to advance the bidding as it may decide, to withdraw or divide any Lot, to combine any two or more Lots and, in the case of dispute to put any Lot up for auction again.

The following words and expressions shall have the following meanings in our terms of business:

Bought in - unsold, having failed at auction to reach a reserve.

Hammer Price- the price at which the Lot is knocked down to the Buyer.

Lot - any item deposited with International Chess Auctions with a view to its sale at auction whether on its premises or elsewhere and in particular, item or items described against any Lot No. in the catalogue or on our web site.

Proceeds of sale - the net amount due to the Seller, being the hammer price less commission (currently 15%) or any other amount due to the Auctioneers. Sellers are usually paid within a month after their lots have been posted to the buyers.

Purchase price - the Hammer Price plus any premium, handling, postal or insurance charges.

Buyers will get a pro-forma invoice. The buyer will pay a commission fee of 12.5% to the auctioneers, additional to the hammer price. We can accept payments made with Visa and Master cards, provided our clients agree to pay 3% extra for such transactions. Other payment options include bank draft, postal order and bank transfer.

Intending bidders should note that every bid is taken care of in the way most favourable to the buyer by us. If there are two identical bids in writing, then the one arriving first will be the one considered. There are no additional charges or taxes in Ireland, which is a great advantage for our clients.

All text Copyright Alexander Baburin unless otherwise noted