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Chess Links

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Last edited: Wednesday, 03-Jun-2015 20:30:26 PDT

While searching the Web, I come across many interesting chess sites and below I list some of them. I will keep this section updated, so you are welcome to send me address of your chess site and to give a link to mine, though I do not follow a ‘link-for-link’ policy.

Chess News Reviews tournament announcements

Sites, devoted to chess in a particular country

Chess periodicals

Chess software

Servers for playing chess on-line

Chess clubs

Web pages of professional chess players

Personal Web sites of non-professional chess players

On-line chess shops

Chess Memorabilia and Antiquarian Chess Books



Chess News Reviews Tournaments announcements

This is an official site of the International Chess Federation. It has news, ratings, etc.

Chess Base
This is one of the most informative chess websites around. It offers new, opinions, photo reports, etc.

This site, edited by Mark Crowther, is a must for anyone interested in tournament chess. I go there almost every week - to download latest games and to read news.

Chess Cafe
A great site with very interesting contents: book reviews, tournament reports, stories, tournament calendar, etc.

Grandmaster Chess School
This is a new Web address of GM Khalifman’s Web project. It has good coverage of top events, offers annotations by Khalifman and other GMs - it’s well worth visiting.

Club Kasparov
This site offers news, annotated games, etc. Kasparov’s articles and his views make this site very interesting.

Ajedrez de Estilo

This is an excellent web chess magazine: with news, articles, etc. It’s both in Spanish and English.


Sites devoted to chess in a particular country

Irish Chess Union
This very informative website is all about Irish chess - it has a calendar of events, a directory of chess clubs, reports about chess tournaments, etc

US Chess Federation
This site has useful information about events and chess clubs in USA.

Italian Chess Federation
There is a lot of stuff (e.g. about tournaments in Italy) on this site. There is one problem though - it’s in Italian only.

Danish Chess Union
Nice site, covering chess in Denmark. It’s available both in Danish and English.

This site covers chess in India and is well worth visiting.

4NCL Home Page
British team league is quite interesting - this site offers results, news, downloads, etc.

British Correspondence Chess Association In addition to results for British CC, the site has a program to download for doing CC games by e-mail, humorous pieces and game collections.

There you can download games from many tournaments played in UK - very useful service!

San Paulo State Chess Federation
This page gives chess news from around the world and particularly from Brazil. The site is in Portuguese.

Schachgemeinschaft Rochade Kuppenheim
The homepage of the chess club Schachgemeinschaft Rochade Kuppenheim. Most of its content is in German. It features some regular columns (Hartmut Metz, John Henderson (in English), Harald Fietz), and offers various information about the club, some chess humour, cartoons and links.

Chess Academy
India’s first website for chess training. Combinations, game analysis, news, Indian ratings, chess quotes, this site has it all!

Ajedrez de Europa
This Spanish-language site is mostly devoted to collecting links for chess sites in Spain and Latin America, though some of the best English language sites are included as well. Extensive selection of links.

Chess Periodicals

New in Chess
This Dutch publication is probably the most interesting chess magazines in English. This site has an excellent ‘Links’ section.

Chess Monthly (UK)
A very informative magazine, one of the best in English.

British Chess Magazine
This is probably the longest established chess periodical in the world. The site offers news, book reviews, etc.

64 Chess Review
It’s certainly the best magazine in Russian. Its on-line version (mainly in Russian) is not impressive yet, but things might change.

Chess Mail
Chess author Tim Harding, who lives in Dublin, publishes this interesting magazine for correspondent chess players.

Chess Informant
For decades this has been one of the best chess periodicals and now it offers a lot of its products on line.

Pakistan Chess Player
This is not an on-line publication, but its address might be of interest to some people.

Schach Magazin
this is Web site of German journal Schach-Magazine 64 (editor - IM Otto Borik). Again, you need to know German to enjoy this site.

Chess City
this site is run by Eric Schiller. It features news, articles, instructional materials, software reviews, excerpts from books published by Cardoza Publishing, etc.

Chess Software

Chess Assistant (Russia)
This is a Russian chess software company. Most Soviet players started with this program. I also used it a lot some years ago. This software might suit some players. (Russia)

This is the game viewer we use here on the site, well worth checking out if you have a web page of your own.

Chess Captor
This page offers a program for making diagrams. You can try it before buying the full version.

Russian software company provides chess news, games annotated by GMs M. Taimanov and S. Ivanov, links, etc

Chess Source
this site offers chess software for saving and replaying games.

this site is run by Andres Valverde, who is offering a program called ECTool. The program is for playing chess by email. Andres also offers some other chess programs on his site.

Servers for playing chess online

Internet Chess Club
I guess this is the most popular site for playing chess on line. I am a member there, though I am not a frequent user. This site has a very good section with links.

InterChess Club
This is a Russian server, where people can play chess. I am not a member there yet, but I might join soon.

Caissa Web
I came across this site only recently. They offer on-line play, etc.

Chess Informant
T\his is a recently started playing zone of the famous Informator magazine (Yugoslavia).

The Play Chess site
This is a new site which offers an alternative place to play rather than ICC or FICS.

The RealChess site
Play online chess, E-mail Chess, beholderboard chess and Webchess. All free with no software to download.

Here you will find a place to play chess for free. Tournaments are organised on a regular basis and you can play via your browser or download a program to run on your own machine that will connect to the service. Though it is possible, not too many people play long time controls so get ready for one minute a side chess where the fastest mouse mover wins.

Chess Anytime
Another place for on-line play.

Chess Clubs

Kilkenny Chess Club
On this interesting site you can read about Irish chess, learn about Kilkenny Congress (which is very popular!) or Kilkenny Cats. Or you can simply have a good laugh at some of their stories.

Bunratty Chess Club
Check out how the Bunratty tournament (here in Ireland) got on.

Rathfarnam Chess Club
If you want to play some chess in Dublin, check out this site. Don’t forget to visit ‘Chess Ireland’ Web page for more information on clubs in Ireland.

Metropolitan chess club
London’s famous chess club, established 1890.

St. Benildus Online
An interesting site about one of the best Dublin’s chess clubs. The site offers news, links, etc.

Barnet Chess Club, London
A very nice site with news, chess articles, etc.

St. Petersburg Chess Club, Florida
(NEW URL) Here this old chess club informs about its activities, make announcements and offers links.

Metrowest Chess Club
perhaps this page of the club located in Massachusetts, USA, can give you a few hints for your club’s site.

Troon Chess Club
well-maintained page of the Troon Chess Club (UK).

Bray Chess Club
new site of the Bray Chess Club (near Dublin, Ireland).

Ottawa Chess Club
New site for the chess club of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Internet Email Chess Group
A website for a very active group of email correspondence chess players.

Web Pages of professional chess players

GM Harmen Jonkman
The personal website of Dutch GM Harmen Jonkman. Aside from the news reports, he has a fairly long calendar of events to explore.

GM Gadir Guseinov and FM Dragan Stamenkovic
Chess coaching site. The two above players are the professionals on the site, offering advice, and a forum.

Vasily Ivanchuk
This is kind of a fan club, which is quite impressive and is worth visiting.

Gregory Kaidanov
Gregory is one of the best American players and coaches. On this page he tells about himself and shows some of his game, as well as rates for training sessions with him.

Alex Yermolinsky
Yermolinsky is very active on US chess scene and on his site you can find his diary, lessons, etc.

Rashid Ziatdinov
This is a curious site by player from Uzbekistan, who has settled US now.

Anjelina Belakovskaia
This is a nice site by one of America’s best female players.

Alexandra Kosteniuk
The site of world’s youngest WGM: some selected game, photos and links.

The site of GMs Michael Rohde and Maurice Ashley. They offer lessons, chess products, etc.

On his site, which in mainly in Portuguese, but also has some items in Spanish and English, IM Herman van Riemsdijk provides tournament reports with games in PGN format and links to his newspaper columns.

Nigel Davies
On this site GM Davies offers his articles, lessons and links.

Gabriel Schwartzman
Here your can find samples of the teaching by this American GM, though some parts of this site are for members only.

Ruslan Ponomariov
Already this young Ukranian Grandmaster has a web page with some information about his career so far, a download of his games, games of his which have been annotated, the progress of his FIDE rating some photos and links to the events he played in and a contact address of his team’s manager. All in all an interesting site.

Johnathan Levitt
Johnathan Levitt the english grandmaster provides a content rich site with various essays and a talent tester. He has articles by himself on the various aspects of chess and also a guest contribution by Stuart Conquest. He also includes the obligatory profile and photos.

Vishy Anand
A comprehensive page on Anand with everything about him including articles from newspapers, interviews, games photos etc.

Vishy Anand
The official page of Vishy Anand run by his promotional agency. It contains a log of all his achievements so far (makes the page very long!), links to an archive, his schedule and the latest news concerning the Indian hyper-GM.

Gary Kasparov
Probably one of the most content rich chess sites on the web. Lots of money has been put into the site but people dont seem to be happy with the "playing zone" from what I hear on the newsgroups. they have a nice lessons section however the only drawback is the large download for the lesson player which works out at 10Mb.

Bobby Fischer
It seems that Bobby Fischer has the most fan pages on the net of any chess player. This is to be expected due to the large number of American people currently on-line. However the enigma that is Fischer is also a factor. This is a extensive page with bio and all the info you could want on Fischer.

Alexander Morozevich
Check out his Morozevich page. It is available in Russian and English. Alexander has built up a large following due to his uncompromising style of play. There is a lot of content already here and the webmaster has done a good job of keeping up to date on his tournaments.

Judit Polgar
It came as a surprise to me that there were so many Judit Polgar pages on the net! Perhaps she is the Anna Kournikova of chess. Visit David’s shrine to the Hungarian GM.

Teimour Radjabov
The site of the young up and coming junior from Baku. Includes details of past tournaments and photos links, interviews and articles about Radjabov. Watch out for the music on the site though!

Anatoly Karpov (Framed site: Click "Players", then "Karpov")
Karpov does not seem to have many fan sites on the net at the moment. This page contains some information on the man himself and a few games of his against Xie Jun in a game viewer. Also there is a note on his style of play and his career.

GM Patrick Wolff
Carries chess exercises (a few free demos, the rest for a small annual fee) designed to complement his book, The Complete Idiot#8217;s Guide to Chess

IM Georgi Orlov
this is a site of IM Georgi Orlov, who is based in Seattle. He works as a chess coach and also offers chess stuff for sale on his page.

IM Attila Schneider
site of Hungarian IM Attila Schneider. In Hungarian, German and English. has some interesting materials, for example article about the late IM Perenyi.

GM Alexei Dreev
site on one of Russia’s top GMs. It has his photos, annotated games, interviews, etc. In English.

Personal websites of chess non-professionals

Jonathan McLatchie
A site called "The Daily Checkmate," it contains links plus an irregular newsletter about chess matters.

Tim Krabbe’s Page
A very interesting site by Dutch writer. The site is both in Dutch and English.

Ralph Marconi
This very interesting site will particularly appeal to players interested in correspondent chess.

Susan Strahan
This site, which Susan called ‘Tales Of 1001 Knights’, is a good example of how much a chess amateur do on the Web. Her page contains essays, games for viewing with Java and a lot of other stuff.

Manfred Rosenboom
This nice site offers good links, some downloads, games in Java, general information about its master and his work.

Eric Schiller
This is a curious site, which reflects Eric’s views on many things in life.

Mike Donnelly
This site features a monthly article and game which can be viewed online or downloaded as well as archives of past games and articles.

Home page of Thomasollo
Annotated games. Most of the site is in French, but it also has English titles to help with navigation.

Roman Jiganchine
Personal webpage with games, lessons, downloads and pictures.

Online chess shops

London Chess Centre

Chess Cafe Bookstore
This site offers a wide selection of chess books.

Schach of Jurgen Daniel
This site (in German) offers chess products and news.

This page of Joseph Godbout (Canada) is devoted to buying and selling chess books.

Chess Department Store
This site is both in English and in Italian; it offers all kinds of chess products.

This site offers various chess products, as well as some information on American chess. It’s run by GM Henley and is worth visiting.

Chess Master Games
This site offers a wide selection of chess boards, sets, clocks and other equipment.


Chess Memorabilia and Antiquarian Chess Books

Ken Whyld Association
This association unites those interested in chess literature. It hosts meetings and organizes some research projects.

Website of Lawrence Totaro
This site is dedicated to chess memorabilia. The owner jokingly wrote: "My ability to be a part of chess history, is to own it!"

Antiquarian bookshop of Kimmo Välkesalmi (Finland)

Chess Books shop by Tony Peterson (UK)


Chess Visualization Training
A website devoted to helping you learn to visualize chess positions as a key to better play.

This site has excellent selection of chess links and therefore it’s simply a must for anyone searching the Web for chess content.

Chess MasterLink-ConnChess Magazine
This site specialises in chess links. Its master Rob Roy (also known for his work at Chess Cafe) produces a free monthly newsletter with more than 1000 subscribers. To avail of it, please or subscribe at his site or send an email to ConnChess-subscribe@listbot.com.

About Chess Today.
This is a useful introduction to chess in general and to chess on the Net in particular. It’s run by David Dunbar. You can also subscribe to his free newsletter at http://chess.about.com/gi/pages/mmail.htm. http://chess.about.com.

Chess Search Engine
This page might be useful, if you are searching for some particular chess stuff on the Net.

This is quite a curious site: you can find which chess player was born on a particular date with examples of their play.

Key Moves
If you like to solve chess puzzles once in a while, you should visit this page.

Bruno’s Chess Problem of the Day
A Java applet loads a new problem every day, past problems (with solutions) are archived. The combinations are rated from very easy to difficult.

chess news service, which started in the end of 2000 in Israel. GM Emil Sutovsky is one of the columnists there.

Emazing Chess Tip Of The Day
here well-known chess author and editor Tim Harding gives daily tips on chess. Many tips are accompanied with a diagram. Archives are available.

The Ziane Chess Academy
Chess camps run by USA National Master Noureddine Ziane

Exeter Chess Club
The excellent coaching site is well worth a visit especially if you are a chess teacher or have some interest in becoming one.

Manolis Stratakis
this page by Manolis Stratakis will appeal to those, who like chess composition. I don’t have deep interest in chess composition, but otherwise I would have spent hours on that site!


There are many chess newsgroups on the Net, but one should be careful searching them - in newsgroups mankind appears to be even crazier than in real life! :) Usually you have to go through a lot of rubbish before you find something interesting. Nevertheless, newsgroups might be interesting. Here is a small selection:

rec.games.chess.analysis - analysis on openings, middlegame and endgames.

rec.games.chess.computer - discussion on game servers, databases, software.

rec.games.chess.misc - news, opinions, questions, discussions. I often read it and sometimes post to this group.

rec.games.chess.politics - I don’t like politics and in my opinion chess politics is the worst of all. Yet, you may possess a different view, so check it out.

All text Copyright Alexander Baburin unless otherwise noted