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Photos courtesy of Anette Borik, Bavaria Open 1999 and John Henderson Isle Of Man Open, 1999. Alexander Baburin, others.

Click on a picture to see a larger image.

shipov-1.jpg (625166 bytes)

GM Shipov, when he is not writing for KasparovChess  (Isle of  Man 1999)


ababurin.jpg (62271 bytes)

Trying to look solid.
(GM Alexander Baburin). :-)
Isle Of Man, 1999


Baburin_Hebden.gif (17644 bytes)

Isle of Man 1999 Hebden-Baburin - not my favourite game! :-)


short-Psakhis.jpg (85175 bytes)

Isle of Man 1999, Short-Psakhis. Lev erred badly later in this game...

short-1.jpg (160626 bytes) 

The tournament which went wrong... ( GM Short in the Isle of Man Open 1999)

Tiviakov_Baburin.jpg (80846 bytes)

Isle of Man 1999, Tiviakov-Baburin. Dutchman vs. Irishman   game!   :-)


sutovsky.jpg (636840 bytes)

Winner of the Isle of Man Open 1999 - GM Sutovsky

Marusenko-Baburin.jpg (109470 bytes) 

One minute before 1 e4 Nf6 :-)
Isle Of Man, 1999


Akira-photo1.jpg (113887 bytes)

Akira Watanabe,  guest columnist from Japan (Alex Baburin's site).


Bavaria-tourn-hall.jpg (37610 bytes)

Bavaria Masters Tournament Hall, 1999

ponomariov-1.jpg (30546 bytes)

GM Ponomariov - probably the youngest GM in the world! :-) Bavaria 1999

ponomariov-2.jpg (10364 bytes)

GM Ponomariov in action.
Bavaria, 1999


novikov-1.jpg (26626 bytes) 

Identity of Agent 005 revealed! (GM Novikov)
Bavaria 1999


shabalov-1.jpg (47691 bytes)

US chess hitman in Bavaria - dangerous! (GM Shabalov) Bavaria, 1999


shabalov-Smagin-2.jpg (45654 bytes)

Getting lucky in the King's Gambit (Shabalov-Smagin) Bavaria, 1999

shabalov-Smagin-1.jpg (53813 bytes)

"What are you talking about, Alex?!" (Post-mortem between  GMs Smagin and Shabalov) Bavaria, 1999


Conguest-Knaak-2.jpg (39869 bytes)

GM Conquest vs GM Knaak - long game (Stuart nearly   missed the plane! But he resigned just on time...)
BL season 1999/2000

Dautov-Rogers.jpg (36537 bytes)

GMs Rogers (not clearly visible!) and Dautov. BL season 1999/2000


GM_David.jpg (32916 bytes)

GM David (Luxembourg)
BL season 1999/2000


GMBabula.jpg (36360 bytes)

GM Babula
BL season 1999/2000


GMKnaak.jpg (37662 bytes)

Our man in Chessbase - GM Rainer Knaak :-)
BL season 1999/2000


Hodgson.jpg (56266 bytes)

GM Hodgson (famous Grandmaster of Disaster and Mr. Tromp himself)
BL season 1999/2000


HracekBabula.jpg (38692 bytes)

"Czech" corner in BL - GMs Hracek and Babula analysing. BL season 1999/2000


JulianStuart-1.jpg (38702 bytes)

GMs Hodgson and Conquest (loitering around in Bremen airport) BL season 1999/2000.


Kengis-Baburin.jpg (33736 bytes)

Baburin - Kengis (Of  course, it's the Alekhine Defence again!)
BL season 1999/2000


Pelletier-Baburin-1.jpg (43732 bytes)

Two Russian speakers - IM Yanick Pelletier (Switzerland) and  GM Alexander Baburin (Ireland).
BL season 1999/2000

Post-mortem1.jpg (40105 bytes)

'English' post-mortem - GMs Gallagher, Hodgson and King. BL season 1999/2000


van_der_Sterren.jpg (30106 bytes)

GM Paul van der Sterren in BL (1999)
BL season 1999/2000

Rozentalis-Hracek.jpg (28559 bytes)

GMs Rozentalis & Hracek.
BL season 1999/2000


Babula-Beim.jpg (60897 bytes)

BL 1999-2000 season


baburin4.jpg (162748 bytes)

Alex in LA, 1997


baburin3.jpg (158713 bytes)

FM Stephen Brady and Alex in Armenia (1996)


baburin1.jpg (258012 bytes)

Alex in Yerevan (1996). Nice people and good brandy there!

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